About Douglas Kordel

A member of the American Bar Association and the Ohio State Bar Association, Douglas Kordel attended law school at the University of Dayton School of Law. Mr. Kordel participates in the American Bar Association Forum on Franchising and is an expert on legal matters relating to franchises, employment, and dispute resolution. Douglas Kordel has experience as both an in-house general counsel and as an independent attorney. Douglas Kordel currently serves as the General Counsel and Compliance Officer for Proforma, an international print and franchising company.

Mr. Kordel manages all aspects of the company’s legal activities and provides general counsel to Proforma’s executive group. In addition to his responsibilities managing the legal department, Douglas Kordel serves on the company’s operating committee and directs the human resources department. With franchise holders located throughout the United States and Canada, Douglas Kordel possesses a broad understanding of the laws and regulations of the Federal Trade Commission and of the various states and nations that serve as locations for franchises. Mr. Kordel directs the due diligence on potential franchise holders, including background and credit checks, searching for liens, verifying previous business experience, and reviewing the corporate structure for the franchise.

A majority of the work Douglas Kordel directs relates to the production of franchise and credit agreements. Mr. Kordel regularly reviews and amends the franchise disclosure documents, guaranty agreements, software licensing and support contracts, and commercial agreements for franchise holders. Additionally, Douglas Kordel manages Proforma’s business licenses, trademarks, and copyrights and leads any litigation involving the violation of those properties.

A resident of Ohio, Douglas Kordel belongs to the Summa Wellness Institute, part of the Summa Health System, a fitness center that concentrates on health and wellness goals, including weight loss and the prevention of disease. In his free time, Mr. Kordel enjoys outdoor activities, like golfing and hiking, and spending time with his family.


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